Coach the Coaches Program for OKR Experts

Your personal development program to become a better OKR expert or coach


Access to personalised feedback every week – ask questions for your specific project, team or company

Facilitation material you can use with your client.

Monthly group coaching calls to learn and get together

Access to our Q&A video clip collection for experts

Access to a private 1:1 coaching session (1 x 1h or 2 x 30mins)

Optional: access to e-learning to improve your service offering


Hannes Albrecht


  • No consulting backgrund , but 15 + years hands-on management exprience in sales and marketing in fast  growing organisations
  • 10 years of hands-on OKR exprience
  • Broad, cross-sectrol,economic, expartiense (Consumer Electromics, IT, telco, OTC, cosmetics automotive )
  • Radically focused and goal-oriented people manager

Magdalena Pire Schmidt

partner, ex-Google

  • 10+ years for hands-on OKR exprience at Google
  • Experienced in managing remote, internationl teams
  • Linguistics and legal policy background
  • Strong believer in empowering employees through a great vision, a clear strategy and a bottom-up approach on execution


Launching OKRs successfully can be challenging. At every step there are new questions. Plus, what works for one organisation may not work for another. We are the experts you can turn to to help you support your clients, each step of the way.

The membership runs for 6 months. You can prolong it as often as you’d like.

After joining you will be invited to our monthly group coaching calls in which we deep-dive into a specific OKR topic or training method. Group size is usually small enough to raise questions and exchange thoughts, ideas and learnings.

The membership gives you 1:1 access to us in two ways. First, every week you can send us questions about specific situations or blockers where you’d like to get advice. We will answer these questions once a week. Usually we answer with a video link. Secondly, you can sign up for 1:1 coaching. You will have access to either a 1hr call or or 2 x 30mins calls during your membership.

Finally, we have materials to share with you.

As the monthly Q&As and learnings are helpful for all participants, we give access to a collection of Questions and our advice. During our sessions, we usually work on a whiteboard with lots of useful content on it. You certainly have access to this whiteboard content during your membership.

Our participants join from all over the world and we will keep an eye on your timezones. Payment is in € via CreditCard, PayPal or invoice.