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A good way to help you imagining how OKRs can or should look like, is going through examples for different job roles. Simply download some OKR examples for Marketing, Engineering, Customer Support, Finance, HR or Sales.



Scroll through some real examples.


We don't say these are all the best examples, but real ones and definitely usable.

Metric KRs

Recognize that most examples contain metrics to track real progress.


Milestones are not perfect. Fact. These examples contain some Milestones on purpose, as we think sometimes they do their job.

Hannes Albrecht

Experienced OKR Expert

Hannes looks back to more than 20 years of leadership and management experience in fast-growing, international organisations. He has used OKRs in his professional life and since 2013 he is specialised on OKRs, consulting organisations on how to implement and enable OKRs with a fast and efficient process. OKRs are adoptable to all sorts of organisations and offer a great framework with clear rules. Over the years he has coached and conducted OKR trainings for tens of thousands employees and brands like Daimler, Axel Springer Publishing, Strategyzer, Spreadshirt, Orange Telecom,  Solaris Bank and many more…

Hannes Albrecht

OKR Expert & Founder

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